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Aid is on the way but freezing weather conditions hamper the search for survivors

International leaders have pledged to send help to Turkey and Syria after a deadly earthquake ripped through the region Monday, leaving thousands of casualties and collapsed buildings in its wake.

Aid workers are struggling to access victims of the powerful quake in northwestern Syria amid conflict and political crisis in the country.

Here are Wednesday’s latest developments:

China will send 30 million yuan ($4.4 million) of emergency humanitarian aid to Syria, including $2 million of aid and other urgently needed relief supplies, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said Wednesday.
The United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Iran, Libya, Iraq and Jordan were among the nations to send planes carrying aid to assist the Syrian government with rescue operations, the Syrian government said.
The UAE had also pledged $100 million to Syria and Turkey Tuesday, and two aid flights landed in Damascus carrying 12 tons of aid and tents, state-run WAM said.

Algeria flights also landed in Aleppo with rescue personnel to help with aid operations, Syrian state TV said.

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