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China-Russia ties: What’s behind Beijing’s peace proposal for Ukraine?

A year after Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the conflict continues with no end in sight.

China claims to have a neutral stance, but has so far refused to call the war Russia’s invasion, and has declared unlimited friendship with Moscow. One year into the war, the Beijing government has now announced a 12-point document stating its position and called for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia to achieve a “comprehensive ceasefire”. For more on what Beijing is trying to do, we speak to Anna Ashton, the director of China Corporate Affairs and US-China at the US think tank Eurasia Group.

Meanwhile, North Korea has been stepping up its missile tests once again in recent days. Pyongyang says it’s doing so in response to US-South Korean military drills which it calls “a declaration of war”. Earlier this month, leader Kim Jong-Un’s sister described the Pacific Ocean as North Korea’s “firing range”, with Pyongyang saying it has “deadly nuclear counter-attack capability” in place.

Finally, when you think of Australia, you might think of koalas. But the beloved symbol of wildlife Down Under is now on the country’s endangered species list, after recent wildfires exacerbated the animals’ already declining population. Our colleagues at France 2 report, with FRANCE 24’s Lauren Bain.

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