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I was surprised to see my name in Ferdous’s book : Sohana Saba

Noted actress Sohana Saba visited Ekushey Boi Mela yesterday after a nine-year long break. Returning to the Boi Mela after so many years, turned the artiste quite emotional and filled her with nostalgia.

Speaking with The Daily Star, the actress expressed about her last visit to the Boi Mela, “I was pregnant during my last visit to the Boi Mela and that made for an exceptional experience. Thus, being back after so long has made quite emotional”.

Renowned actor Ferdous Ahmed had just published his book, “Ei Kahini Shotto Noy” at the Ekushey Boi Mela a few days ago. Being friends with Ferdous for a long time, his book was the first purchase she made after setting foot in the Boi Mela.

I’m not here as an actor but a writer : Ferdous
The two artistes had collaborated in many films as well. She mentioned, “Ferdous had already told me the story of ‘Ei Kahini Shotto Noy’ on the shooting set. I have encouraged him to continue writing ever since. Now that I have bought the book, I intend to read it attentively.”

“Ferdous has mentioned my name in his book’s introduction—I cannot express how surprised and grateful I am at this gesture,” exclaimed the actress. “I hope he continues to write more.”

Fans will soon see Sohana on the silver screen again as three of her films are awaiting release this year.

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