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Film: Nani film is a -familiar but -riveting tale of friendship and revenge

The film seems to depict a world that is deeply entrenched in caste politics and how it affects the lives of people living in a small village surrounded by coal mines.

The friendship between Dharani and Suri, and their gang of friends, is at the center of the film’s narrative, which is intertwined with themes of revenge and caste dynamics. The director, Odella Srikanth, creates a unique and believable world that draws the viewer into the story.

The introduction sequence of the gang pulling off a daredevil stunt by stealing coal from a moving train seems to set the tone for the film. Additionally, the local bar, reserved for upper caste men, appears to be a place where power and caste dynamics come into play. Overall, while the story may be familiar, the world created by the director and the performances of the cast seem to make the film a riveting watch.

Film: Nani film is a -familiar but -riveting tale of friendship and revenge

Dasara movie review: While the Nani-starrer uses every trick in the book, it succeeds in sucking you into a world you haven’t experienced before.

Nani’s Dasara, like its recent counterparts like Rangasthalam (2018) and Narappa (2021), is a very familiar tale about the ugly side of caste politics. The familiarity also seeps into the fashion in which it narrates a tale of friendship and revenge. Nevertheless, the film still manages to leave you in awe, thanks to the world it’s set in and how debutant Odella Srikanth presents it. It’s deeply rooted setting and how Srikanth manages to transport the viewer to a never seen before milieu of coal-laden hamlet that really works in the film’s favour.

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The story is set in a small village called Veerlapalli, which is surrounded by coal mines. Nani plays Dharani, whose life revolves around his best friend Suri (Dheekshith) and his gang of friends. In their introduction sequence, we see the gang pull off a daredevil stunt by stealing coal from a moving train. In this village, drinking is a tradition, a way of life and the local bar is a place where all the men conglomerate to waste time. The bar, which is reserved for the upper caste men, is the place where power as well caste dynamics come into play.